WPE-Author Guidelines


Guide for authors
Guidelines for submission of Manuscript
Author should submit the manuscript in MS word format and it should be strictly prepared as per the template guidelines. Figures and tables should be entrenched in the manuscript. It is advised to re-check the manuscript before submission for grammatical and spelling errors by using “Spelling and Grammar” check function as appropriate. The manuscript submitted should be original, innovative and never published in any of the journal. Author may submit their work online or via email to [email protected] Author should take permission for utilizing copyrighted material from other sources and submit the same along with manuscript submission.Manuscript structure
Author should organize the paper according to the following order:
• Abstract
• Keywords
• Introduction
• Materials and methods
• Results and discussions
• Conclusion
• Acknowledgement
• ORCID Id of authors
• Abbreviations
• References
• AppendixInstructions for Paper Formatting
Author should prepare their manuscript as per template and same can be downloaded from here. All the formatting and style drafts have been provided in the template document and author should follow the template document. The main body of the paper should be written in Times New Roman, font 10. All the headings and sub headings should be in Times New Roman, 12. Headings should be numbered as 1,2,3,4 and so on and sub headings should be as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3….2.1, 2.2. 2.3…..and so on.
1. Title: The title of the paper should be original, innovative and reflect the main theme of the paper. It should be concise, meaningful and attractive. The title should be in Times New Roman, font size 14 and bold.
2. Author’s name and affiliation: This section includes complete details of all authors who have contributed during the preparation of the paper. Author should mention their complete name with surname, complete present address and phone number. The corresponding author name should be marked with an asterisk (*). The email address of corresponding author should be in italics, underlined and bold. Author’s name should be in Times New Roman and font size 10. Affiliations should be in times new roman and font size 8. Author’s affiliations should be distinguished by using superscript a, b, c and so on. It is necessary to write correct superscript against the author’s name linking it with the appropriate affiliations.
3. Abstract: It should be short, significant and clearly shows the objective of the paper. It should be between 100-150 words. This section should be written in times new roman, font size 10. Do not mention references in this section.
4. Keywords: Mention 5-10 keywords relevant to the topic.
5. Introduction: This section provides main goal and background of the paper.
6. Materials and methods: Author must provide sufficient details with references for methods employed in the paper.
7. Results and discussions: In this section, results obtained during the study should be given with detailed and significant justification. Avoid repetition of the results.
8. Conclusions: In this part, important conclusion of the study should be presented.
Tables and Figures
All the tables should be numbered and write the table number in the text also. Simple table type should be used and write the table caption above the table. Table caption should be written in Times New Roman, 12. Do not use border and shading in the table.
All the figures should be of good resolution. It should be numbered as Fig.1, Fig.2 and so on. Mention the figure number in text also (Fig.1). Figure captions should be mentioned below the figure and written in times new roman, fonr size 12.
All the mathematical equations and formulae should be written using insert equation feature of MS word.
All the references must be numbered according to their order in the text. In the text, references should be in number given in bracket e.g. [1], [2], [3]….All the references cited in the text must also be present in the reference list.
Web references
Author should provide URL details, DOI no, author names, date.
Journal Reference
[1] Patrick A, Singh R. Environment Sustainability. Name of Journal, (2010), 163: 51–9.
Author should mention individuals, funding institutes, other sources etc. who helped in completion of the research.
Do not provide footnotes in the reference list.