WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy Vol 5

WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy- Volume 5
ISSN: 2059-2353 ISBN: 978-0-9932795-3-9

Publisher: World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd., Coventry, United Kingdom Publication date: 25 January 2018
International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics -ICEEE2017
Edited by

  • Dr. Avlokita Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India 
  • Dr. R Singh, IARI, New Delhi, India

The 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE 2017) was held at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK, 11-13 December 2017. ICEEE2017 focused on energy, environment and economics of energy systems and their applications. More than forty delegates from 18 countries with diverse expertise ranging from energy economics, solar thermal, water engineering, automotive, energy, economics and policy, sustainable development, bio fuels, Nano technologies, climate change, life cycle analysis etc. made conference true to its name and completely international.In total 36 oral presentations and two invited talks from academia provided insight into the recent development on the proposed theme of the conference. On behalf of the ICEEE2017 organising committee, we would like to congratulate all well deserving delegates.

 Best Paper –Academia: Francesco Masciarelli, Italy

 Best Paper – Student: Richard Tennant MacIver, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

 Active Participation Award – Nadim Reza Khandaker, North South University, Bangladesh

At the end, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for your participation and hopefully welcome you again during ICEEE2018. You can download conference report and photograph from the LINK.

Research Papers

Etienne Malbila, David Y.K. Toguyeni, D. Joseph Bathiebo, Jean Koulidiati
– Hygrothermal behavior of two buildings constructed in cement bricks and cut laterite blocks, Pages:1-6, Purchase (£25)
Katam Ganesh Babu, A. Veeresh Babu, K. Madhu Murthy
Investigations of DI CI Engine using Algal particles contained Coconut Biodiesel,Pages:7-12, Purchase (£25)
Kareddula Vijaya Kumar, Puli Ravi Kumar, Datla Ravichandra
– Investigation on waste plastic oil as an alternative fuel for SI engine,Pages:13-16, Purchase (£25) Free Download
Ganesh S. Warkhade, A. Veeresh Babu, Subhash C. Bose P.
– Effect of compression ratio on combustion, performance and emission characteristics of linseed biodiesel fueled compression ignition engine
, Pages:17-22, Purchase (£25)
Nadim Khandaker, Fazle Rabbi
– Is zero liquid discharge an unattainable nexus for textile processing industries of Bangladesh, Pages:23-25, Purchase (£25)
Andrew Wright, Tavgar Bulbas
– Evaluation of the viability of solar PV for Kurdistan, Pages:26-31, Purchase (£25)
Md. Siddiqur R. Sarker, Fazle Rabbi, Fokruddin Ahmed, Nadim Khandaker
– Development of a novel anaerobic reactor for treating textile dyeing wastewater, Pages:32-36, Purchase (£25) Free Download
Basharat Jamil, Naiem Akhtar
– Experimental studies on the effect of water depth and input energy on the performance of a solar still under indoor conditions, Pages:37-43, Purchase (£25)
Mustafa Atmaca, Ayhan Onat
– Numerical simulation of different turbulent free jets, Pages:44-52, Purchase (£25) Free Download
A.D.Prasad, Padma Ganasala
– Feasibility of solar photovoltaic system: A case study, Pages:53-56, Purchase (£25)
Sri Charan P
– Study of diverse earth construction techniques and evaluating their benefits and limitations, Pages:57-62, Purchase (£25)
Mohamed Hussein, Sherif Ezzeldin, Osama Tolba
– Effectiveness of passive roof treatments on existing residential buildings in Egypt: A simulation-based comparative study, Pages:63-70, Purchase (£25)
Mohamad Sukeri Khalid, Che Su Mustaffa, Najib Ahmad Marzuki, Mohd Fo’ad Sakdan and Shazwani Shafiai
– Resettlement housing for flood victims: motivation for the contractors, Pages:71-75, Purchase (£25) Free Download
Shirish Vinayak Deo
– Effect of agricultural waste (RHA) on packing density and water film thickness of concrete, Pages:76-82, Purchase (£25)
Meena Murmu, Manikant Verma
– Effect of WMD and BLA as mineral Admixture on workability and strength of concrete, Pages:83-87, Purchase (£25)
Mani Kant Verma, Mukesh Kumar Verma
– Forecasting of temperature data for Seonath river basin using GCM, Chhattisgarh, India, Pages:87-92, Purchase (£25)
George Nomikos, Dimitris Zafirakis, Wolf Gerrit Früh, John K. Kaldellis
– Combined wave and wind energy exploitation for remote islands, Pages:93-101, Purchase (£25)
Konstantinos Christopoulos, Dimitris Zafirakis, John Kaldellis
– Semi-autonomous energy communities interacting with electricity markers of different characteristics, Pages:102-107, Purchase (£25)
Stelios Moiras, Christiana Papapostolou, Panagiotis Ktenidis, John Kaldellis
– NOx emission reduction in marine diesel engines, Pages:108-115, Purchase (£25) Free Download
Fernando Guerreiro, Michael McKeever, David Kennedy and Brian Norton
– Optical analysis of an air heating concentrator using a 2D ray tracing technique, Pages:116-121, Purchase (£25)
Richard Tennant MacIver, Slobodan B. Mickovski
– Renewable energy potential of roadside grass cuttings, Pages:122-128, Purchase (£25)
Renata Morbiducci, Christiano Lepratti, Thomas Spiegelhalter, Umberto Grosso, Feng Xu
– Considerations on sea level rise and the Future of our coastal cities, Pages:129-134, Purchase (£25)
Srinivasan Periaswamy, Anand Shekhar
– Internalizing the external cost of power generation from coal based thermal power plants in India, Pages:135-141, Purchase (£25)
Francesco Masciarelli
– Comparison between conventional and nZEB sustainable buildings through LCA method, Pages:142-147, Purchase (£25)
Joara Cronemberger, Estefanía Caamaño-Martin, Sergio Vega Sánchez
– Proposal of 2 new economic analysis indexes for BIPV applications, Pages:148-154, Purchase (£25)
S. Venkateswara Rao, K. Praveen, K J N Sai Nitesh
– A study on effect of inclusion of nano-materials on strength properties of self-compacting concrete, Pages:155-160, Purchase (£25)
Rosa Christodoulaki, Panagiotis Tsekouras, Irene Koronaki
– Optical performance assessment of a spherical Stationary Reflector / Tracking Absorber solar concentrator, Pages:161-166, Purchase (£25)
Rakesh Kumar Swarnkar, Shaik Waseem Ahmed, Srikanth Korla
– Design and prototype testing of a cost efficient portable wind turbine for sustainable energy harvesting, Pages:167-172, Purchase (£25)

Ravi Prasad Darapureddi

– Investigation on mechanical properties of concrete using paper industry waste as replacement to cement, Pages:173-178, Purchase (£25)

Veena Anand, Sudhakar Pandey, Valiveru Sai Sravya, Vontari Uthej Reddy

– Energy efficient priority based clustering for wireless sensor networks, Pages:179-184, Purchase (£25)
Eymard Ahern, Api Desai, Carlos Jimenez-Bescos
– Enhancing building energy efficiency with accountable system of Building Regulations compliance, Pages:185-190, Purchase (£25), Free Download
Sasa Mitrovic, Marijana Zekic-Susac
DA systematic literature review of machine learning algorithms in modeling buildings energy efficiency,  Pages:191-196, Purchase (£25) 
Elise Pascarel, Andrew Wright
-An experimental investigation into the use of water to provide thermal mass in building fabric, Pages:197-205, Purchase (£25) 
Luis Acevedo, Javier Uche, Sergio Usón, Ge Jiang, Alejandro Del Amo, Amaya Martínez, Ángel Bayod
-Modelling and simulating a trigeneration plant: coupling exergy analysis and Trnsys simulation by the creation of new types, Pages:206-214, Purchase (£25)
Björn Berggren, Maria Wall, Åse Togerö
-Profitable Net ZEBs – How to break the traditional LCC analysis, Pages:215-221, Purchase (£25) Free Download