Vol 3: WEENTECH Proceeding in Energy ICEEE: ISSN-2059-2353

WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy- Volume 3
ISSN: 2059-2353 ISBN: 978-0-9932795-2-2

Publisher: World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd., Coventry, United Kingdom Publication date: 12 September 2016
International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics -ICEEE2016
Edited by

  • Dr. R Singh, IARI, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. Anil Kumar, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand

The 1st International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE 2016) was held at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK, 16-18 August 2016. ICEEE2016 focused on energy, environment and economics of energy systems and their applications. More than fifty eight delegates from 31 countries with diverse expertise ranging from energy economics, solar thermal, water engineering, automotive, energy, economics and policy, sustainable development, bio fuels, Nano technologies, climate change, life cycle analysis etc. made conference true to its name and completely international.In total 11 technical sessions and two invited talks both from academia and industry provided insight into the recent development on the proposed theme of the conference. During conference total 51 oral presentations and six posters were shared between delegates. On behalf of ICEEE2016 organising committee we would like to congratulate all well deserving delegates.

 Best Paper –Academia: Amela Ajanovic, EEG, TU Vienna, Austria

 Best Paper – Student : Christian Jenne,University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

 Best Poster – Student: Yoann Guinard, University of New South Wales, Sydney,Australia

 Best Poster – Academia: E. Salleh, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

 Active Participation Award – Yoann Guinard, University of New South Wales, Sydney,Australia

At the end we would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for your participation and hopefully welcome you again during ICEEE2017.

Research Papers

Shanshan Liu, Wenling Jiao
– Numerical Studies of the Heat Transfer Performance of LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer under Frost Conditions, Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages:1-5, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Dehu Qv, Long Ni, Yang Yao
– Performance enhancement of a solar-assisted air source heat pump system by phase change material using, Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages: 6-10, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
L. Serrano, Nuno Pires, Nuno Mendes
– Evaluation of the effects on performance and fuel consumption of spark ignition engines using ethanol (E85), Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages:11-17, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Alex Mouapi,Nadir Hakem
– Electrical Optimization of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System in Vehicles, Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages:18-21, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Sandro Schopfer, Verena Tiefenbeck, Elgar Fleisch, Thorsten Staake
– Effect of tariff arbitrage on photovoltaic battery economics using predictive control, Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages:22-27, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Kwanruetai Boonyasana, Suveena Rungrodruttanagorn, Julia Beatriz Gutierrez Lopez
– Effect of International Electricity Trade on Price of Electricity in Thailand, Online available on 15/09/2016, Pages:28-33, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Yogesh Kumar Yadav
– Exploring potential for solar photovoltaic Park: A case study on Madhya Pradesh state of India, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:34-40, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Amela Ajanovic
– On the economics and environmental benignity of electric vehicles, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:41-46, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
S.N. Rabelo, Leandro S. Oliveira, Adriana S. Franca
– Microwave-assisted transesterification of oils with heterogeneous catalyst prepared by calcination of alkaline-treated eggshells, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:47-50, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Majid Hashemi Fesharaki
– Improve energy efficiency by applying passive design (envelope) strategies in construction materials in Tehran, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:51-55, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Ayhan Kapusuzoglu,Nildag Basak Ceylan

-How does Turkey’s macro economy response to the world oil prices shock? , Online available on 19/12/2016, Pages:56, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Matthias Haase, Annamaria Belleri, Javier Antolín Gutiérrez
– Renewable energy supply potential of shopping centres, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:57-62, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Bernadeta Gołębiowska
– The Impact of Price Incentives on Household Electricity Demand, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:63-70, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Alex Mouapi, Nadir Hakem
– Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting in Mining Locomotive, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:71-75, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Radzuan Junin, Dayang Zulaika Abang Hasbollah
– Evaluation of potential sedimentary basins in Malaysia for carbon dioxide storage
, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:76-82, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Saba A. Salih, Sohif Mat, E. Salleh, K. Sopian, C. H. Lim
– Optimization of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)Performance Using Venturi Effect (VE), Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:83-87, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Awdhesh Tiwari, R. K. Mandloi, Aishwary
– The effect of vehicular pollution on environment and sustainable alternative solutions, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:88-94, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
C. H. Lim, E. Salleh, Alkhair M, K. Sopian, S. A Chan, K. L. Von
– Thermal Characterization and Performance of Reflective Insulations and Radiant Barriers using Heat Flow Meter, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:95-99, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Jaber Almedeij
– On how to separate random noise in time series data: Rational approach, Online available on 20/09/2016, Pages:100-102, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
H. S. Ji, B. S. Kim, S. K. Min, J. H. Baek, R. Mieremet, K. C. Kim
– Experimental Investigation on the Spiral Wind Turbine with 0.5kW through Site Operation, Online available on 20/09/2016, Pages:103-106, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Shuai Jiang, Weifeng Wang, Peng Liu, Aizhu Zhang
– Comprehensive assessment of hydrocarbon resources carrying capacity—take China for example, Online available on 20/09/2016, Pages:107-112, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Yoann Guinard, Qiyuan Li, Gonzalo Diarce, Robert A Taylor
– Performance of a Low Profile, Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector for Industrial Process Heating Applications, Online available on 20/09/2016, Pages:113-119, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Vasu Goswami, Hemraj Harijan, Sarvil Pargi, Suresh Chandra Pal, Hemish Vaidya, Salim Channiwala
– Analysis, design and performance evaluation of a light weight, energy efficient solar cooker, Online available on 20/09/2016, Pages:120-125, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Kevin N. Nwaigwe, Christopher C. Enweremadu
– Performance analysis of gas turbine power plants pre-cooling techniques in the tropics, Online available on 24/09/2016, Pages:126-131, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Muhammad IrfanKhan, Muhammad Ayub Khan Mehar
– Economic Governance and Liquidity Management, Online available on 24/09/2016, Pages:132-136, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Feras Alasali, Antonio Luque, Victor Becerra, William Holderbaum
– Energy Reduction and Peak shifting on a Network of Cranes, Online available on 04/10/2016, Pages:137-143, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Marveh Jaberansari, Hisham Elkadi
– Influence of different atria types on energy efficiency and thermal comfort of square plan high-rise buildings in semi-arid climate, Online available on 04/10/2016, Pages:144-149, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
C.H. Lim, K.S. Teh, E. Salleh, Sohif Mat, K. Sopian, T.S Tan
– Field Study on the Performance of Radiant Barriers under Hot Climatic Conditions, Online available on 04/10/2016, Pages:150-154, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Nadim Khandaker, Md. Sarker

– Application of Acetogenic Reactor for Textile Dyeing Wastewater Treatment in the Context of Bangladesh, Online available on 07/10/2016, Pages:155-158, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Allen Khin Kiet Lau, Elias Salleh, Chin Haw Lim

– Passive façade design for minimized cooling energy consumption of high-rise office buildings in the hot-humid climate of Malaysia, Online available on 09/10/2016, Pages:159-166, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Ali Alahmer, Mohammed Al-Dabbas, Sameh Alsaqoor, Ahmad Al-Sarayreh
– Potential for Extracting Water from atmospherically Jordanian Air, Online available on 09/10/2016, Pages:167-173, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Mirza Habib, Sheikh Elahi, Nadim Khandaker
Development of a High Efficiency Burner for Large Scale Cooking for Application in Developing Economies, Online available on 09/10/2016, Pages:174-177, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Allen Khin Kiet Lau, Elias Salleh, Chin Haw Lim
-Advanced glazing and varied WWR for energy savings of high-rise office buildings in hot-humid climates, Online available on 09/10/2016, Pages:178-185, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Samuel Dike, Vera N Sam Dike
-Decoupling energy development, economic growth and environmental sustainability in African states: the tradeoffs, Online available on 09/10/2016, Pages:186-195, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
A Al kanani, N Dawood, V Vukovic
-A theoretical framework for early stage energy efficient buildings design process in KSA, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:196-200, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Christian Jenne, Thomas Kranzioch, Bernd Noche
-Logistical opportunities for importing Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:201-206, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Bader S. Al-Anzi
-Feasibility of using coagulation for treatment of wastewater generated from a Kuwaiti tiles industry, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:207-211, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Angelo I. Aquino, John Kaiser Calautit, Ben Richard Hughes
-Numerical Analysis of the Integration of Aeroelastic Belt into Buildings for Low-Energy Wind Harvesting, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:212-220, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Abdulsalam Alhazza, Latifa Al-Hajji, Ali Al-Dousary
-Micro-features of dunes particles in Kuwait, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:221-224, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Alkhair M, C. H. Lim, K. Sopian, B. B. Saha
-Switching Time Effect in Solar Adsorption Air Conditioning System in Hot and Humid Climate, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:225-230, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Patrick Sawyer, Haroon Stephen
-Vegetation Index Validation: Testing the efficiency of indices and tasseled cap transforms in identifying surface cover trends, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:231-236, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Hossana Solomon
-A Holistic Comprehensive Concept for Energy, Water and Food Security: Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Economic Development Plan, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:237-241, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
Ron Pushchak, Sam Carter-Shamai, Anna Golovkin, Kahlin Holmes, Kirstin Jensen, Sunjay Mathuria, Graham Wilson, Erin Windross
-A Holistic Comprehensive Concept for Energy, Water and Food Security: Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Economic Development Plan, Online available on 06/11/2016, Pages:242-251, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Reinhard Haas

-On integrating large shares of variable renewables into the electricity system , Online available on 16/12/2016, Pages:252-257, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation

Ibrahim Gerarh Umaru

-Households’ willingness to pay electricity in northern Nigeria , Online available on 21/12/2016, Pages:258-262, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation
João Paulo S. Andrade, Leandro S. Oliveira, Adriana S. Franca
– CFD modelling and simulation of biodiesel production in an ultrasonic reactor, Online available on 19/09/2016, Pages:263-266, Purchase (£25) Free Download Presentation