Vol 2: International Seminar on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development- RESD2015

WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy- Volume 2, Pages: 1-273
ISSN: 2059-2353 ISBN: 978-0-9932795-1-5

Publisher: World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd., Coventry, United Kingdom Publication date: 05 September 2015
International Seminar on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development-RESD2015
Edited by

  • Mr.Tshering, College of Science and Technology, Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan
  • Dr. Tshewang Lhendup, College of Science and Technology, Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan
  • Dr. R Singh, IARI, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. A Kumar, PSU, Thailand

In today’s world we strive to reduce carbon emissions and work towards energy efficiency and sustainable development. Sustainable development can only be achieved by efficient resource utilisation, generation and use of renewable energy and improving user awareness towards low carbon life style. The “International Seminar on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development-RESD2015” highlighted progress that has been made around the globe towards energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, resource utilisation and associate management and assessment methods. The presentations showed the depth and breadth of research across different research areas ranging from diverse background associating nearly 16 countries worldwide. It showed the real contributions and work going around the globe towards sustainable development. The conference has been a great success and we thank all our participants, organisers and committee members for their valuable contributions.

Research Papers

Tim Sharpe
– Monitored Environmental Conditions in New Energy Efficient Housing in Scotland – Effects By and On Occupants, Page-2, Purchase (£25) Free Download
Bob van der Zwaan
– The Energy-Water Nexus, Page-8, Purchase (£25)
Umesh Chandra Sharma, Neetu Singh
– A Comparative Study of Major Socio-economic Factors for BRICS Countries and United States and Recommendations for Future Energy Mix for India, Page-16, Purchase (£25)
Sanjay Mohite
– Experimental investigations of performance and smoke emission of Karanja biodiesel blends & diesel in a diesel engine, Page-32, Purchase (£25)
Serm Janjai, Prasan Pankaew, Rungrat Wattan
– An investigation of the performance of a PV-ventilated greenhouse solar dryer for drying mangoes, Page-36, Purchase (£25)
Dileep.G, Dr. S.N Singh
– Modified Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photo Voltaic System, Page-40, Purchase (£25)
Malik Sameeullah, Akhilesh Swarup
– Fuzzy logic based adaptive perturbation and observation MPPT for photovoltaic system, Page-47, Purchase (25) Free Download
Yagom Gapak, Sudheer Kumar Yamsani, Sreedeep S
– Hydraulic performance evaluation of soil-geosynthetic system using Long term and Gradient ratio tests- A comparative study, Page-54, Purchase (£25)
M. Santarelli, A. Lanzini, M. Gandiglio
– Poly-generation system based on biogas-fed SOFC plant, with production of heat & power, microalgae and cleaned water, Page-58, Purchase (£25)
Ravi K, Anbukarasu A S, Babu Y R
– Investigation on the effects of Engine Parameters on Performance and Emission of LPG Three Wheel Vehicle, Page-66, Purchase (£25)
Nadim Reza Khandaker
– High Sodium in Drinking Water in Coastal Communities of Bangladesh, Page-74, Purchase (£25)
S. Gupta, P. Vaishnav, N. Ram, V K Bajpai
– An Experimental Analysis of Solar Water Heating System with Binary Working Fluid by Using Solar Simulator, Page-78, Purchase (£25)
Om Prakash Chaturvedi, K Kundu, Renu Singh
– Methanolysis of Karanj (PongamiaPinnata) oil for Production of Biodiesel, Page-82, Purchase (£25)
N.R. Khandaker, M. Rashedin, S. Bhattacharjee
– Development of a Novel Wastewater Treatment to Treat Textile Dyeing Wastewater for Application in Resource Challenged Bangladesh, Page-88, Purchase (£25)
Sunil Kumar, S.K. Singh
– Enhancement in thermal performance of salt gradient solar pond with corrugated bottom, twisted tapes and booster mirrors, Page-93, Purchase (£25)
Mohit Prabhakar, Suneet Singh, Sandip Kumar Saha
– Effect of geometrical parameters of fin on the thermal performance of latent heat thermalenergy storage system in solar thermal power plant, Page-99, Purchase (£25)
Rajendra Baikady, Channaveer R.M
– Can the SDGs achieve what the MDGs could not? – Rethinking the Development in A global Context, Page-105, Purchase (£25)
Abhishek, Sathans
– Modeling and power management of hybrid power generation system of wind turbine and micro turbine with solar heater cells, Page-129, Purchase (£25)
Dorji Tshering, Dil Bdr Subba, Karma Deki Wangmo, Karsang Ugyen, Roshan Chettri
– Analysis of Power Outages in Distribution System in Bhutan and its Mitigation Techniques, Page-138, Purchase (£25)
Jagdish Chander, Aeidapu Mahesh
– Selection of accurate modeling technique for partial shaded PV module, Page-143, Purchase (£25)
R Das, P Sunder, S Das, D Tripura
– A comparative study on structural capacity of unreinforced and reinforced rammed earth columns, Page-148, Purchase (£25)
Kushal Manoharrao Jagtap, Dheeraj Kumar Khatod
– Allocation of distribution network losses by pro rata techniques, Page-153, Purchase Free Download (£25)
Naimish Zaveri, Tejas Zaveri
– Performance of an Improved Instantaneous Current Component theory for Power Quality Improvement under Non-ideal Source voltage Conditions, Page-157, Purchase (£25)
P Lepcha, A Rai, T Dargay, T Gyeltshen, C Dorji
– Load flow study of Bhutan Power System Network using DIgSILENT Power Factory, Page-163, Purchase (£25)
Trinath Mahala, Sanjeev Jain
– Thermodynamic potential of solar driven vapour absorption systems, Page-171, Purchase (£25)
Pashmi Kumavat, Naimish Zaveri, Tejas Zaveri, Dineshkumar Verma
– Review of Various Power Theories with Its Mathematical Framework for Load Compensation under Non-Ideal Source Conditions, Page-180, Purchase (£25)
Sukanya Koner, Ritesh Kumar
– Heritage Conservation through Sustainable Development: A Case of Pushkar Town, Rajasthan, India, Page-188, Purchase (£25)
Samar Jyoti Hazarika
– An experimental investigation on zero head water turbine, Page-193, Purchase (£25)
K. Chavan, J. Satpute, N. Gulhane
– Experimental and fluid structure interaction study of triangular receiver with square fin arrangement using compound parabolic collector, Page-200, Purchase Free Download (£25)
N. R. Khandaker, S. R. Sarker, P. Dey
– Evaluation of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment and Simultaneous Biogas Generation Potential from the Bangladesh Military Savar Dairy Farm, Page-207, Purchase (£25)
Mimosha Dash, Alok Satapathy
– Numerical and Analytical Modeling for Heat Transfer through Particulate Reinforced Polymer Composites, Page-211, Purchase (£25)
Ravi K, Porpatham E, Pradeep Bhasker J
– Investigations on effect of lean combustion on performance and emission characteristics for LPG engine, Page-217, Purchase (£25)
Srizana Khawash, Chothi Lhamo, Nima Drukchen, Cheku Dorji
– GIS approach to distribution network of Phuentsholing town, Page-226, Purchase (£25)
Hao GONG, Liuyang Zhang, Chunghua Tang
– High performance supercapacitors with nickel based oxides for energy storage, Page-232, Purchase (£25)
Malik Sameeullah, Akhilesh Swarup
– Optimization and feasibility analysis of renewable hybrid energy system for rural India, Page-236, Purchase (£25)
G. Dorji, T. Dorji, T. Choden, U. Wangchuk, S. Norbu
– Monitoring of sudden ionosphere disturbance (SID) using super SID space weather monitor at college of science and technology, Page-241, Purchase (£25)
Shihabudheen KV, Dileep.G
– SDRE control of flexible link flexible joint manipulator, Page-246, Purchase (£25)
Alok Satapathy, Pravat Ranjan Pati
– Utilization of waste LD slag of steel industries in developing wear resistant coatings for power plant applications, Page-252, Purchase (£25)
A.M. Ashraful, H.H. Masjuki. M.A. Kalam, H. Sajjad, H.K. Rashedul, S.A. Shahir, S. Imtenan
– Exhaust pollutants of particulate matter concentration, size distribution and elemental composition for biodiesel fuelled diesel engine, Page-257, Purchase (£25)
Geetam Richhariya, Anil Kumar, Renu Singh
– Absorbance of natural dye extracted from hibiscus Sabdariffa and Bougainvillea, Page-263, Purchase (£25)
Tshering Yangden, Karchung, Deepen Sharma, Roshan Chhetri
– Modeling and simulation of Hydropower plants of Bhutan using MATLAB/SIMULINK software, Page-268, Purchase (£25)


Malik Sameeullah
Design of Solar Assisted Electric Rickshaw: A Step Towards Green Transport System
Malik Sameeullah,Akhilesh Swarup
Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive Perturbation & Observation MPPT for Photovoltaic System
Martin Elborg, Takeshi Noda, Yoshiki Sakuma
Prospects for high efficiency Intermediate Band Solar Cells using dilute nitride III-V semiconductors
N Tenzin, Y Jamtsho, U Phuentsho, K Pemo and S Norbu
Cost benefit analysis for implementation of gsm/gprs based smart metering for electrical utilities in Phuentsholing, Bhutan
N. R. Khandaker , S. R. Sarker, and P. Dey
Evaluation of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment and Simultaneous Biogas Generation Potential from the Bangladesh Military Savar Dairy Farm
Jagdish Chander
Modeling of solar cell with/without considering leakage current through its periphery