Energy Training and Policy Advice

We provide a tailored training package that look at the potential impact on your learning and understanding of energy and sustainable development. At WEENTECH we present training courses for early career researchers, academicians, housing associations, developers, architects, architectural technicians, quantity surveyors, contractors and subcontractors on energy efficiency, built environment, renewable energy, software learning, energy management and energy saving. We aim to set your requirements in a professional and comprehensive way. Key themes we concentrate on energy training and policy advice;

  • Awareness Generation and Capacity Building
  • Policy advice on government schemes
  • Feasibility study and advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy generation
  • Training courses on various topics related to energy and sustainable development.

WEENTECH provides technical and professional services across a broad range of clients from community scale to embedded industrial renewable energy systems. We also provide full service from early stage of project by providing feasibility study and further till completion of the project. In the renewable energy sector our team have broad experience across a range of technologies including:

  • Feasibility and market assessment studies
  • Renewable energy planning for rural communities, local governments
  • Field testing of new technologies
  • Decentralized renewable energy system design
  • Training on decentralized renewable energy applications
  • Training on energy efficiency and low carbon technological solutions.