Research and Development


Research and Development

Applied research inspires to discover the solutions for the existing problem through available research and technologies. Our aim is to produce clean and sustainable energy solution which have ease of being integrated into the built environment and of low cost. At WEENTECH we had developed the research capacity in the field of:

Low-cost clean energy solution

In today’s scenario, it is important to have such clean energy solutions which are low cost and low carbon incentive. We are delivering research excellence in the low carbon technological solution by working with various international partners worldwide. We have expertise in the area of solar PV, low temperature solar thermal, energy efficiency, energy management, passive architecture and geothermal energy.

Energy efficiency and energy management

It is very important to understand and implement energy efficiency and energy management solution into existing built environment. Without these measures, it is impossible to achieve targeted sustainable growth and CO2 mitigation. At WEENTECH our strong team works on various issues dealing with energy efficiency and energy management. We provide expertise in energy management through user engagement, monitoring, energy efficiency advice, designing new products and innovations. We also help in deciding and supplying complete building energy monitoring solutions to our clients and data analysis. We have strong expertise in handling large data and providing bespoke reports meeting the requirements of our clients.

Green building design

Designing green building requires a multidisciplinary approach. At WEENTECH we have a core team of experts and engineers who specialise in delivering sustainable, practical and innovative solutions for new or existing buildings. Our expert provides professional and bespoke solutions to requirements of our clients on various issues of green building design. As part of our team, we provide advice on

  • Early stage simulation study for energy and thermal performance of buildings
  • Design of solar thermal integrated HVAC systems for your needs
  • Low-temperature innovative solutions for HVAC
  • Estimation of onsite renewable energy generation potential
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