Low cost solar is research project between WEENTECH and MANIT Bhopal to develop low cost concentrating solar collector by use of recycled materials for domestic use. The product feasibility study has generated many initial design and start up kits for domestic hot water supply. The fuel poor population in rural India go through dramatic health and wellbeing chaos during winter months. Poor availability of energy resources and high cost put them far away from reach of common people. In the project we are developing low cost solar concentrator device using recycled mirror and local wood (Bamboo) for structure. The target of the project is to generate CleanSolar for masses and produces the system well in reach of poor and medium earning household families in India.

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WEENTECH is pleased to involve with EXERGY Ltd for the PROMETHEUS project. The ProME3ThE2US2 project aims to create, validate and implement high efficiency innovative solid-state mechanism to covert solar energy into electric energy. The primary demand for these systems comes from energy market because of its high cost effectiveness.

The energy conversion process used exploits high density radiations with enhanced electron emission using the energy from the incoming light by utilizing physical properties of semi conductors to work at high temperatures (~1000 degrees). The high operating temperatures are also connected to the possibility of exploiting the residual thermal energy into electric energy by thermo-mechanical conversion. It is estimated that the proposed technology could achieve a conversion efficiency of 45% higher if used under high intense solar irradiations.

The project will develop a “proof-of-concept” converter working under vacuum conditions composed of a radiation absorber able to provide temperature increase, a semiconductor cathode properly deposited on it, and a work-function-anode, separated from cathode by inter-electrode spacing.

The concept is based on:

  • Use of both band gap (photoelectric effect) and over band gap (thermalization) energy
  • Use of sub-band gap IR radiation to augment the thermionic emission from the cathode
  • Advanced engineered semiconductors
  • Experimentation of cathode for emissions enhancement and
  • Recovery of exhaust heat from the anode by thermo-mechanical conversion.

I’m OK

WEENTECH is pleased to announce development of I’m OK app. This app is developed considering health and well-being of individuals. A basic version will be available free of cost for unlimited numbers of users where as premium service will be provided on subscription model with affordable prices per user. The main highlights of this ongoing development are:

  • to provide user friendly interactive app to engage with their friends and relatives;
  • to monitor general health and well-being and responding on users need;
  • to generate Daily Health Index based on individual data feed;
  • focus on the use of non-clinical data;
  • providing up-to date information on general health and well-being;
  • setting up benchmarks for healthy life style.

For more information please visit I’m OK website.


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