I’m OK

I’m OK

WEENTECH is pleased to announce development of I’m OK app. This app is developed considering health and well-being of individuals. A basic version will be available free of cost for unlimited numbers of users where as premium service will be provided on subscription model with affordable prices per user. The concept is simple – feed the data; communicate with others and finally share your I’m OK ratings with your friends, relatives and care providers.




The main highlights of this ongoing development are:

  • to provide user friendly interactive app to engage with their friends and relatives;
  • to monitor general health and well-being and responding on users need;
  • to generate Daily Health Index based on individual data feed;
  • focus on the use of non-clinical data;
  • providing up-to date information on general health and well-being;
  • setting up benchmarks for healthy life style.

For more information on project please contact [email protected]


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