GCESD2018-Selected Research Papers

Selected Research Papers

GCESD0118 #  L. Di Pilla, G. Desogus, A. Galatioto, R. Ricciu. Thermal properties of local Sardinian masonry and insulation materials: experimental assessment on full-scale, AL Ghurair University Dubai, Kumamoto University, Japan.

GCESD0218#  Prince Singh, Dr. B. K. Prasad, Jyoti Kamal. Influence of silica fume on the mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete, N.I.T. Jamshedpur, India.

GCESD0318# Prince Singh, Jyoti Kamal, U. K. Mishra. Eco-friendly concrete produced using coconut shell & granulated blast furnace slag, N.I.T. Jamshedpur, India.

GCESD0418# V. Soni, A. Kumar. Experimental and numerical analysis of charging stage in a phase change material in thermal energy storage, IIT Kanpur, India.

GCESD0518# Jidong Kang, Tsan Sheng Ng. Cutting CO2 emissions in China through demand side regulation: Implications from MRIO linear programming model, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

GCESD0618# Ikuo TANABE, Satoshi TAKAHASHI. Forced cooling technology of machine tool using mist of strong alkaline water for saving energy and environmental safeguards, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.

GCESD0718# Vladimir E. Messerle, Alexandr B. Ustimenko. Plasma-fuel systems for energy efficiency improving of thermal power plant, Plasmatechnics R&D,Kazakhstan.

GCESD0818# Razan M. T. Al Masri, Alaa Abdul-Ameer and Bassam Abu Hijleh. Dubai Smart Building Assessment System, The British University in Dubai , UAE.

GCESD0918# Noor S. A. Kudair, Alaa Abdul-Ameer and Bassam Abu-Hijleh. Performance Simulation of Single / Double Effect Absorption Refrigeration Systems Used for Solar Cooling Applications, The British University in Dubai , UAE.

GCESD1018# Jijin Wang, Dehu Qv, Long Ni. Asymmetry and dyssynchrony occurring during load transfer: based on entransy theory and gini-coefficient, Harbin Institute of Technology , People Republic of China.

GCESD1118# Saeed Mohammed Wazed, Ben Richard Hughes, Dominic O’Connor, John Kaiser Calautit. Development of Stirling Pump mechanism for Irrigation in remote rural farms, University of Sheffield , UK.

GCESD1218# Wu,Shinn-Dar , Chiu,Yi-Hong. Research on Recycling of Innovative Recycled Ceramics, Department of Materials and Energy Engineering, Changhua, Taiwan, R.O.C.

GCESD1318# A. Rafique, R. Raza. Electrochemical studies of Ni0.6Zn0.4O2-δ-GDC Composite as Anodes Fueling with Biogas, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan.

GCESD1418# G. W. Ho. Solar photo/thermal harvesting for sustainable energy generation and air pollution technologies, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

GCESD1518# R. El Bachtiri, I. Idrissi, and H. Chafouk. Simulated and Experimental Determination of the Regulation Curve of an Asynchronous Generator for Wind Turbine, EST, USMBA, Morocco.

GCESD1618# Arthur J Swart and Pierre E Hertzog. Regular calibrating an energy monitoring system yields good results, Central University of Technology, South Africa.

GCESD1718# Bassey O. Bassey, Tochukwu O. Ajare, Temi Omolayo. Comparative Evaluation of UK and US Fiscal Regimes for Shale Gas Development: Implications for Public and Private Investment, Coventry University, UK.

GCESD1818# MT. Johansson, D. Djuric Ilic. A System Study of Sustainable Development of the Road Transport Sector in Europe, Linköping University, Sweden.

GCESD1918# Xiaolin Zhang, Yan Zhang. Decomposition Analysis of Activated Nitrogen Consumption Factors in Beijing, Beijing Normal University, People Republic of China.

GCESD2018# C.L. Fu, Y.X. Li, Y.G. Li, X.L. Zhang, Y. Zhang. Expounding the long-term dynamics of IU-use stock in Beijing, Beijing Normal University, People Republic of China.

GCESD2118# James Pow Chew Wong. Energy Efficiency Retrofit Options for Buildings in Australia, RMIT University, Australia.

GCESD2218# D. Djuric Ilic, L. Ödlund. Interactions between power and district heating sectors – risks and opportunities,  Linköping University, Sweden.

GCESD2318# Ade Hilmy Maulana Achzab, Muhammad Ega. An implementation study of “Kampung gas” in the framework of optimization of procurement of infrastructure and use of gas fuel material for shipping in the regional areas around, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia.

GCESD2418# Khelifa Abdelkrim. Numerical Analysis of the Improvement of the Photovoltaic Panel Cooling installed in Hybrid System Photovoltaic/Thermal Bi-fluid, URAER, Algeria.

GCESD2518# G. W. Ho. Solar Photo/Thermal harvesting for sustainable energy generation and air pollution technologies, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

GCESD2618# Osmano S. Valente, Alex de Oliveira, Marco Aurélio Justino, Sergio de Morais Hanriot, Vanya Márcia Duarte Paza. Diesel engine: correlation between the fuel specific mass and the consumption and pollutants emission, PUCMinas – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais,Brazil.

GCESD2718# Sadss Maheepala, and GY Jayasinghe. The influence of greening systems on building energy performance- A review, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka.

GCESD2818# L Beires, N Mahomed. The 4th industrial revolution and prosumers: energy consumption & distribution at a municipal scale in Ethekwini, South Africa, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, South Africa.

GCESD2918#Aveek Ghosh. The move towards net-zero energy buildings, University of Science & Technology, India.

GCESD3018# Jagbir Singh. Sustainable Development & Environmental Problems in India: Issues and Challenges, University of Delhi, India.

GCESD3118# Prasanna Kumar.P, Vaibhav Goni. Flexural strength of bamboo reinforced stabilised rammed earth, BMS College of Engineering, India.

GCESD3218# Sokratis Papadopoulos, Wei Lee Woon, and Elie Azar. Machine Learning as Surrogate to Building Performance Simulation: a Building Design Optimization Application, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates.

GCESD3318# Zainab Al Dhanhani, Bader Al Aifan, and Elie Azar. Quantifying the Impact of Human Actions on Building Energy Performance under Extreme Hot Climate, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates.

GCESD3418# Jyoti Aggarwal. Effectiveness of low-technology water purification techniques, Lynchburg College, USA.

GCESD3518# Louise Ödlund. Sustainable regional energy system in system perspective, Linköping University, Sweden.

GCESD3618# Shreya Chandrashekhar, Sarath K.Karottu., Kunal M. Shivapurkar, Simran S. Melvani, Pradyumna R. Dhamangaonkar. Feasibility study for use of plastic laminas as thermal insulation with air entrapped in-between, College of Engineering, Pune, India.

GCESD3718# Pramesh Kumar, S.K. Bharadwaj. Market Mechanisms For Balancing Demand And Supply In Competitive Electricity Market Through Enhanced Renewable Energy Integration, MANIT, Bhopal, India.

GCESD3818# M. A. R. Luna, F.B.F. Cunha, M.C.A. de M. Mousinho, E. A. Torres. Solar Photovoltaic Generation Distributed In Brazil: The Case of Resolution 482/2012, Federal University of Bahia(UFBA), Brazil.

GCESD3918# M. F. B. Paixão, C. C. Viana, F. B. F. Cunha, M. I. Duro, E. A. Torres. Lighting efficiency in higher education institutions_A case study in the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)s, Federal University of Bahia(UFBA), Brazil.

GCESD4018# C. C. Viana, M. F. B. Paixão, F. B. F. Cunha, E. A. Torres, M. I. Duro. Energy efficiency perspectives in Brazil: The Energy Management System approach, Federal University of Bahia(UFBA), Brazil.

GCESD4118# Pankaj K. Srivastava, S. K. Agrawal. Enhanced heat and mass transfer in multiple floating porous absorbers type solar still, Rewa Engineering College, Rewa (M.P.), India.

GCESD4218# Wilson M. Leandro, Tamara R Santos, Warde F. Zang, Joachim W. Zang, Nicolai D. Jablonowski, and Americo J. S. Reis and Luis C. Silveira. Phenotyping of Energy Cane for Selection of Clones as Source of Biomass, School of Agronomy, Brazil.

GCESD4318# Akshay L Shinde, Pradyumna R Dhamangaonkar. Experimental and CFD analysis of brush-hair pin fin for heat sink, College of Engineering, Pune, India.

GCESD4418#Atit Koonsrisuk. Performance investigation of a Kalina cycle power plant with a composition-adjustable and condensation pressure control, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand.

GCESD4518# Om Prakash. Design and analysis of low cost refrigerator for preservation of fruits and vegetables, NIT, Patna, India.

GCESD4618# A. A. Shawky, A. Khalil, S. Kaseb. Techno-Economic Performance Evaluation of a Solar Industrial Process Heating System in Cairo – Egypt, Cairo University, Egypt.

GCESD4718# Vandana Maurya. Energy Efficiency: What is it?, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

GCESD4818# Amit Suhane.Effect of SIO2 nanoparticles on the tribological performance of industrial lubricant, MANIT, Bhopal, India.

GCESD4918# Rajeshwar Singh Banshtu, Chander Prakash, Laxmi Devi Versain. Prospective Utilization of Geothermal Energy in North-Western Indian Himalayas, N.I.T Hamirpur, India.

GCESD5018# Sanjay Kumar,  S. Jeeva Chithambaram. Flexural behaviour of Geo polymer concrete cured at ambient temperature, National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur, India.

GCESD5118# Anil Kumar singh, Shambhu Kumar. Fabrication and Performance Testing of 1 HP Solar Water Pump, New Government Polytechnic, Patna, Bihar, India.

GCESD5218# R.K. Mishra, G.N. Tiwari. Analytical expressions for electrical efficiency of semitransparent and opaque PV modules in different PVT systems,Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, India.

GCESD5318# V.K.Chopra, R.K.Mishra, V.K.Dwivedi, B.Mohapatra. Mathematical modeling of semitransparent photovoltaic thermal (SPVT) with different packing factors, Galgotias University, India.

GCESD5418#D Hafiz. To Use or Not To Use: A Survey Questionnaire on the Integration of Daylighting Simulation Tools In the Design Process, AlGhurair, United Arab Emirates.

GCESD5518# V. M. Bhale, S. R. Kalbande, V. P. Khambalkar and Sneha D. Deshmukh. Capacity Building and Skill Development Opportunity for Indian Women in Renewable Energy, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, India.

GCESD5618# V. P. Khambalkar, S. R. Kalbande, and Sneha D. Deshmukh. Design of double basin solar still integrated with vacuum tubes, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, India.

GCESD5718# S. R. Kalbande, V. P. Khambalkar and Sneha D. Deshmukh. Thermal Analysis of Double Basin Solar Still Integrated with Vacuum Tubes, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, India.

GCESD5818#S. Farman Ali and A. Gillich. Determining the UK’s Potential for Heat from Wastewater using Steady State and Dynamic Modelling – Preliminary Results, London South Bank University, United Kingdom.

GCESD5918# Daljit Singh Karam, Keeren Sundara Rajoo. Measuring leachate contamination at selected landfill and dumpsites using the proposed Leachate Pollution Index for Developing Countries (LPIDC),Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.

GCESD6018#Alok Singh. Optimization and Performance Characteristics of Dual Blend Biodiesel, MANIT, Bhopal, India.

GCESD6118# S. A. Waheeb, Y. Al-Douri. Geothermal energy situation in Saudi Arabia, Umm AlQura University,Saudi Arabia.

GCESD6218# M. S. K. Sarkar and A. Q. Al-Amin. Energy consumption, CO2 emission and economic growth: empirical evidence for Malaysia, Universiti Tenega Nasional, Malaysia.

GCESD6318#Aymen El Khadraoui, Salwa Bouadila, Sami Kooli, Amenallah Guizani. Thermal behavior of indirect solar dryer: Nocturnal usage of solar air collector with PCM, The Thermal Processes Laboratory, Hammam Lif, Tunis, Tunisia.

GCESD6418# R. K. Mishra. Exergoeconomic and enviroeconomic analyses of stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) modules, Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, India, India.

GCESD6518# Salma El Aimani. ‎1.5 MW wind turbine based water desalination‎, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco.

GCESD6618# F. Rau, T. Krauß.LCA of a biogas CHP plant and three hydrogen supply strategies to reduce hydrocarbon emissions, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.

GCESD6718# A. Mädlow, A. Herrmann, H. Krause.Conception and dimensioning of renewable energy systems in urban districts using genetic algorithms, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

GCESD6818# Annabel F. Cryan. Flood Vulnerability of Dhaka Slums: An Extended Review of Adaptation Barriers, University of St Andrews, UK.

GCESD6918# Gboluwaga J. Olaomo. Climate Change Realities and the River Niger – Impact on Sustainable Power Generation and Food Security in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

GCESD7018# Y.Kang , M.Lee , D.Lee , J.Jung , Y.Kim. An analytical study on the performance of a flash tank vapor injection refrigeration cycle using R449A, Korea University, Korea.

GCESD7118# Shakir Shakoor Khatti, Abdul Ghafoor Memon, Samiullah Qureshi. Parametric Study of Combined Cooling and Power (CCP) Plant Integrated with Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors (PTSCs), Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan.

GCESD7218# Adel Rawea. Determine Critical Case in HRE System for Yemen Using Energy Flow Management Strategy Based On FLC, Queen Arwa University, Yemen.

GCESD7318# C Ameur Menad, R Gomri. Micro Thermal Solar Panel for Hydrogen Production, UMC Algeria, Algeria.

GCESD7418#C Ameur Menad, R Gomri. Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy Resources by Electrolysis of Steam Water Using Circular Silicon Nano-tube Cathode under Algerian climate, UMC Algeria, Algeria.

GCESD7518# Djahida Kerdoud, Faouzia Benkafada. Anatase TiO2 as Negative Electrode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries, University Centre Abdelhafid Boussouf, Algeria.

GCESD7618# Harjit Singh. Assessment of small hydropower potential using remote sensing data for sustainable development in India, RBIENT Hoshiarpur, India.

GCESD7718# Uday Raj Singh, Anil Kumar. Heat loss analysis of a parabolic dish type solar cooker, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India.

GCESD7818# Manjinder Singh. LNG: An eco-friendly cryogenic fuel for sustainable development, CTIEMT Jalandhar, India.

GCESD7918# Anil Kumar, Uday Raj Singh. Exergy analysis of solar parabolic dish cooker, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India.

GCESD8018# M. Tizzaoui, H.Soualmia, M. Allaouia, A. Mansouria, Z. Saadia, S.Chadlia, D.Menacera, L.Zeghamria, F, Aichaou. Solar Photovoltaic Generator Driven Cold Room Storage in Saharan Environment, CDER, Algeria, Algeria.

GCESD8118# Ahmed S A Badawi, Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullaha, Siti Hajar Yusoff. Evaluation of Electrical Energy Production in the Coastal Plain In Palestine to Solve Shortage Gaza Problem, International Islamic University, Malaysia.

GCESD8218# M. Sonego, M.E.S. Echeveste.The influence of the user on the sustainable benefits planned during product design, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS, Brazil.

GCESD8318#D. Zafirakis, G. Tzanes, J.K. Kaldellis. Forecasting of Spot Electricity Prices with the Use of Support Vector Regression Models, University of West Attica, Greece.

GCESD8418#. Zafirakis, G. Tzanes, G. Nomikos, J.K. Kaldellis, Z. Mantas, K. Kaousias. Battery-based Hybrid Power Stations for Non-Interconnected Islands in Greece, University of West Attica, Greece.