Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development-GCESD2015

Exergetic Review on Thermal Performance of Window Systems – Masanori Shukuya , Tokyo City University,                                

Reducing Energy and Water Consumption in Government Buildings in Kuwait– Hassan Albahrani, Ministry of social affairs and labor, Kuwait

Product Renovation and shared ownership: sustainable routes to satisfying the World’s growing demand for goodsJohn G RogersUniversity of Bath

Estimation of Energy Utilization Index for Government Building Type in Kuwait – H. Al-Taqi, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Energy saving with Green building technology – K. Al-Mousa, Haytham Karam, Kuwait Oil Company

Developing a Sustainable Electricity Generation Mix for the UK’s 2050 Future – H.Sithole, University of Sheffield          

Using Choice Experiments to Assess Environmental Impacts of Dams in Portugal – L. M. Costa Pinto, ISCAC, Portugal

The means, motive and opportunity for using energy smart meters in organisational contexts; a retail case studyS. Christina, Loughborough University

Optical properties of kesterite phase Cu2Zn0.8Cd0.2SnS4 quinternary alloy nanostructures – Y Al-Douri, University Malaysia

Energy Efficient Ceramic Electrolyte fuel cell system with enhanced Power Density for Intermediate Temperature – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell application – Rohit Gupta, IIT BHU

Effects of skylights refurbishment on the indoor hygrothermal environment of a gallery space in a historical building of cultural significance F. WangHeriot Watt University

Post Occupancy Evaluation of a low rise social housing complex following energy retrofit and refurbishment project in Ireland – D. Sinnott, Waterford Institute of Technology

Financial analysis of residential solar pv systems considering SREC in the united states – H. Ji Yoo, Yonsei University

CO Tolerance of Pt3Sn(111) Catalyst in Ethanol Decomposition Lawrence Wu, University of Hong Kong

Numerical Investigation of a Methanol Bluff-Body Flame Using Variants of RANS Turbulence Models with Conditional Moment Closure Model  – S. Sreedhara, IIT Mumbai

Thermal Efficiency improvement of Biomass for Electricity Generation by using Information Technology and Numerical Methods – R.H. BashaKumamoto University

Speed Control Of Synchronous Machine By Changing Duty Cycle Of DC/DC Buck Converter – Al Badwawi, University of Exeter

CFD predictions of Swirl burner aerodynamics with variable outlet configurations – H. Baej, Cardiff University

Assessment of a/c share in the national peak power demand and annual energy consumption for Kuwait – Ruba Al-Foraih, Kuwait

Synthesis of Cu2Zn1-xCdxSnS4 pentrary alloy nanostructures solar cells through chemical approach – Y. Al-Douri, University Malaysia

Effects of renovation solution on energy saving and indoor air quality in a historic building – S Ganguly, Heriot Watt University

Characterizing the convective heat exchange with plastic shading nets under natural arid conditions -Ahmed Abdel-Ghany, King Saud University

Enhancing Energy Efficiency through VFDs in Cooling Towers for Hot Aride – Y. Al-Hadban, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

India’s solar power scenario in global context Satish Kumar Jain, RGPV Bhopal

Application of LEED Certification Standards in KAIA Development in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia  -Sahl Waheeb, Umm AlQura University

Experimental Investigation and Comparison of Internal Heat Transfer coefficients of Single Slope Conventional and Hybrid Solar Stills – Anil Kumar, MANIT Bhopal

Performance enhancement of PV cells through micro-channel cooling –  Muzaffar Ali, University of Eng and Tech Taxila

Solar Drying: Indian perspective – Om  Prakash, NIT Patna

Life cycle assessment of agricultural residues utilization for biogas deployment Suzanne Alsamaq, Coventry University

Experimental investigation on single slope solar still during monsoon and post monsoon season –        Bhupendra Gupta, Jabalpur Engineering College

Investigating the ability of perennial range plant species to mitigate climate change in Greece – Ioannis Pappas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Experiment of an new oscillating water column device of wave energy converter – Chia-Ying Chang, National Cheng Kung University

Hydroelectricity introduction through hydrogen as fuel for long-distance passenger buses: a sustainable alternative for Paraguay – Gustavo Riveros, Catholic University Senora de la Asuncion

Annual soiling conditions of CSIRO solar tower site by periodically measuring the specular reflectance of the solar mirror samples –  Minghuan Guo, The Key Laboratory of Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic System, IEE-CAS