Vol 4 Weentech Proceedings in Energy-GCRE2016

WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy- Volume 4, Pages: 1-360
ISSN: 2059-2353

Publisher: World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd., Coventry, United Kingdom Publication date: 20 July 2016
Edited by

  • Prof. Om Prakash, NIT Patna, India
  • Dr. R Singh, IARI, New Delhi, India

In today’s scenario Renewable Energy sector is growing fast across the globe providing more than 6.5 millions of jobs worldwide. Renewable energy is only way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions. Without renewable vision of sustainable development is not holistic and can not be achieved. CESD-Net is a major global initiative in energy and sustainable development.The objective of network is to promote energy and sustainable development in commonwealth countries. CESD-Net is striving towards achieving set goals by promoting sustainable generation, utilisation and disposal. In order to achieve the set targets network is working with its key stakeholders in partner countries for promotion of sustainable development. Global Conference on Renewable Energy (GCRE2015) organised in collaboration with NIT, Patna is a right step in the direction to achieve the set objectives.

Research Papers

V Rajini,  W Margaret Amutha
Implementation of pic based  hybrid converter for hybrid stand alone system, Page-1, Purchase (£25)
K Talukdar, TK Gogoi
Thermodynamic analysis of a combined vapor power cycle and absorption refrigeration system, Page-9, Purchase (£25) Free Download
BK Sreejith,  A Sathyabhama
– Design of Small Scale Wind Turbine Blade for Low Wind Potential Areas, Page-17, Purchase (£25)
Rohit Kothari, Om Prakash
– Review on Latent heat thermal energy storage system using phase change material, heat transfer enhancement and applications, Page-21, Purchase (£25)
S Uma, Arun Kumar Thalla
– Digestibility of food waste for biogas production, Page-29, Purchase (£25)
Dileep M Paul, P Manjunath , Rinu Thomas, Jeevan Jaidi
A review on power-to-gas energy storage technology, Page-34, Purchase (£25)
Dileep M Paul, P Manjunath , Rinu Thomas, Jeevan Jaidi
Incineration: a comprehensive review, Page-40, Purchase (25) Free Download
Rashmi P Shetty, A Sathyabhama,  Srinivasa P Pai
Prediction of wind turbine power using ANN, Page-50, Purchase (£25)
Harbhajan Singh, KS Sandhu
Wind power integration impacts and investigations, Page-56, Purchase (£25)
M Vijay Kumar, Suchit A Deshmukh, A Veeresh Babu, P Ravi Kumar
Evaluation of performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel blends with diesel in a single cylinder  DI diesel engine, Page-62, Purchase (£25), Free Download
Hemant Kr. Singh, Ravi Prakash, KK Shukla
Economic insulation thickness of external walls in hot and composite regions of India, Page-67, Purchase (£25)
M Sharma,  R Dev
Performance analysis of solar powered organic Rankine cycle for different pressure ratios, Page-73, Purchase (£25)
Snigdha Lal, Rahul Dev, Anurag Sharma
Heat extraction mechanism to maintain electrical efficiency of a single solar cell, Page-78, Purchase (£25)
Dilawar Husain, R Prakash
Energy efficient design of an institutional building in India, Page-84, Purchase (£25)
Dheerandra Singh, Ravi Prakash
– Energy simulation of roof top solar PV system for an educational building in India, Page-90, Purchase (£25)
Amit Hussain, S Deswal
Application of MBBR and UASB in Treatment of Municipal Waste Water, Page-96, Purchase (£25)
Sunket Kashyap, S Deswal
Treatment of industrial wastewater containing oil and grease, Page-101, Purchase (£25)
Rajesh Kumar, Ravi Inder Singh
Combustion and emission characteristics of pine needles in Oxy-fired bubbling fluidized bed, Page-105, Purchase (£25)
Abhishek Priyam
– Comparative study of solar air heater having wavy fin and longitudinal fin, Page-109, Purchase (£25)
R Singh, S Dutta
Synthesis and characterization of copper modified TiO2 photocatalyst with enhanced visible light activity for hydrogen production, Page-115, Purchase (£25)
Prince Sharma, Sathans
– Modeling and performance evaluation of hybrid wind/diesel generation system, Page-118, Purchase (£25)
Kumari Priyanka,  Anshumali
Soil Carbon Fractionation: Tool of Agricultural sustainability, Page-123, Purchase Free Download
Rahul,  Om Prakash
– Assessment of wind energy potential as a power generation source in four metro cities of India, Page-127, Purchase (£25)
Ashwini Kumar, BN Prasad, KDP Singh
Performance characteristics of three sides artificially roughened solar air heaters, Page-132, Purchase (£25)
Ravi kumar, L Prasad, BN Prasad
– Heat transfer augmentation in different configuration solar air heaters, Page-138, Purchase (£25)
Khalid Anwar, Sandip Deshmukh
Modeling and management of Micro Grid, its future with associated barriers and success factors, Page-145, Purchase (£25)
Arun  Kumar Behura, BN Prasad, L Prasad
– Thermal performance enhancement in three sides artificially roughened and glass covered solar air heaters, Page-152, Purchase (£25)
Mahendra S Seveda
–  Development, construction and performance evaluation of improved biomass cook stove in NEH region of India, Page-158, Purchase (£25)
Dhananjay Singh Yadav, Bireswar Paul
Numerical analysis of methane-air laminar diffusion flame with CO2 dilution, Page-164, Purchase  (£25)
Ravi ranjan kumar singh, RV Sharma
CFD Simulation of Earth Air Tube Heat Exchanger with Longitudinal Fins, Page-171, Purchase (£25)
A Algaddafi, H Bleijs
Design of the PV array emulator with fast response to test power condition devices, Page-175, Purchase (£25)
P Adhikary, PK Roy, A Mazumdar
–  A cup of power in rural locations: Case study of micro hydropower generation from drinking water, Page-182, Purchase (£25)
Ravita Saraswat,  Sathans
– Cost and sensitivity analysis of hybrid renewable energy system at different places in Haryana, Page-188, Purchase (£25)
SN Saha, SP Sharma
A parametric study on the performance of double glass double flow solar air heater, Page-195, Purchase (£25)
Himanshu Rana, Sathans
Computed PID-SMC controller for tracking of two link robotic manipulator and comparative analysis, Page-201, Purchase (£25)
P Adhikary, PK Roy, A Mazumdar
Turbine selection for small hydropower plant: a multi-criteria optimization technique approach, Page-207, Purchase (£25)
Rakesh Kumar
Studies on Polyfurfuryl alcohol modified cellulosic fibre as renewable fuel, Page-213, Purchase (£25)
P Adhikary, PK Roy, A Mazumdar
Energy recovery in existing infrastructures with small hydropower plants: a review, Page-215, Purchase (£25)
Piyush Pal, Rahul Dev
Comparative study of different types of modified solar stills, Page-221, Purchase (£25)
Kirti Tewari, Rahul Dev
Performance analysis of modified solar water heating system with wind velocity, Page-227, Purchase (£25)
Maloy Das, D Giribabu
– Power quality improvement of self excited induction generator using statcom based voltage regulator, Page-234, Purchase (£25)
Ramchandra Marandi, Rahul Sharma
Novel control topology for hybrid energy system under grid connected and Islanding mode, Page-240, Purchase (£25)
Durga Prasad, Baidyanath Bag
– Analysis and modeling of two stage grid connected photovoltaic system, Page-245, Purchase (£25)
Neha Agarwal, Sathans
– Comparative performance of cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter with varying levels for PV system, Page-251, Purchase (£25)
Kaushlendra Kumar, Sathans
– A novel power factor correction technique for three phase rectifier system employing boost topology, Page-256, Purchase (£25)
Ritu, Aeidapu Mahesh
– India optimal sizing of renewable hybrid energy system using genetic algorithm, Page-261, Purchase (£25)
Apurba Layek
– Effect of depth of water and different absorbing materials on the performance of solar still, Page-267, Purchase (£25)
Deep Singh Thakur, Mohd. Kaleem Khan, Manbendra Pathak
– Parametric investigation of artificially roughened solar air heater with parabolic rib geometry, Page-274, Purchase (£25)
Ranjeet Singh, Jayaram Nakka
– Performance analysis of solar-hydrogen hybrid system with cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter, Page-280, Purchase (£25)
Israr Ahmad, Manabendra Pathak, Mohd. Kaleem Khan
– Investigation of natural convection in a differentially heated room with ventilation and transpiration port, Page-288, Purchase (£25)
Poonam Suraj, Sunita Chauhan
-Effect of wind integration in radial distribution system by reducing losses using ga technique, Page-294, Purchase (£25)
Reshu Rathi, KS Sandhu
– Performance analysis of wind turbines during uncontrolled operation, Page-299, Purchase (£25)
Rajdeep Surya, Shelly Vadhera
– Performance analysis of doubly-fed induction generator under specific condition, Page-303, Purchase (£25)
Gaurav Chaudhary, Prashant Shrivastava, M SaadAlam, Yasser Rafat
– Estimates of emissions from thermal plants in India and method to reduce down these emissions and running cost of air conditioner, Page-308, Purchase (£25)
MS Alagu Dheeraj, V Rajini
– Interleaved center clamp forward (iccfc) converter for microprocessors, Page-315, Purchase (£25)
Rajesh Kumar, Prabha Chand
– Thermal and exergetic performance analysis of longitudinal fins solar air heater, Page-321, Purchase (£25)
Amit Kumar, D Giribabu
– Comparative study of the control strategies for the doubly fed induction
generators in wind energy conversion system,  Page-328, Purchase (£25)
Abhishek Goyal, Jyoti Gautam, Jeevan Jaidi
– A computational fluid dynamics study on stall controlled wind turbines, Page-336, Purchase (£25)
Sreesankaran M Namboothiri, Jeevan Jaidi
– Solar Refrigeration And Air Conditioning: A Newfangled Review, Page-342, Purchase (£25)
Neetu Singh, Umesh Chandra Sharma
– Increased energy efficiency through educating masses, Page-353, Purchase (£25)
Amandeep Singh, Sathans
– Voltage control issues in smart grid-a recent perspective, Page-361, Free Download
Priyabrata Adhikary
– Energy recovery in existing infrastructures with small hydropower plants: A review
Royal Roshan
– A review of renewable energy progress in SAARC countries